Lies Mirrors Tell


Every morning, people stand in front of the mirror.




Covering up the smallest flaws,

Silently screaming from the inside out.

Mirrors tell us we aren't beautiful,

Scales tell us we are fat,

And society tells us we will never be good enough for it's attention.


Unless we are a size zero.

Unless we show no flaws.

Unless we are always smiling.

Unless we are perfect.

But perfect is unattainable.

So, every single day,

Girls and boys across the world are constantly beat down with the feelings that they aren't good enough

That they don't deserve love,

That they aren't worth it,

And that life isn't worth it.

My generation is called the lost generation,

But are only lost because of the lies that are shoved down our throat,

Starting from the moment we can comprehend.

We are told to act, look, and live a certain way,

With no room to be ourselves.

And the moment we try to be ourselves,

We are labeled as freaks,


Attention whores.

So we are left with the choice,

Attention whore or doormat.

I say the mirror lies.

Society lies.

Scales lie.

Even our own minds lie to us.

We need to break away from this downward spiral,

Need to relearn to be ourselves.

For if we don't,

Society will win.

And we will all perish in the pursuit of perfection.


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