She ain't got much sense
As a matter of fact, she's pretty dense

She's passed the age of 13
But she doesn't act like a grown ass woman at all
She just lies all the time
Go ask her mother, she's known what a liar she was since she was very small

Like thinking that those crocodile tears will make people believe that she's telling the truth
But you can tell she's lying just by the way she talks and
Caused nothing but trouble long before her youth
She may say "Please believe me, I'm telling the truth"
But you know what comes out of her mouth is nothing but lies

(Pre Chorus)
Like that bull shit story about the man with the invisible gun
The one who she said attacked her by saying he had a weapon under the driver's seat
You know the guy who had that imaginary invisible gun
Okay, did he show you a gun or did you just earn ten bucks like a cheap meth whore on the street?
Well tell me the truth and don't lie
Oh that's right, you can't tell the truth
All you can do is play your little bull shit game and stand there and cry
Nobody did a damn thing to you
There's no such thing as an invisible gun
Well you said that he told you he had a weapon under the seat
So why didn't you just jump out of the car and run
And don't tell me that bull shit story that it was done against your will
How much money did he pay you for that twenty minute thrill
Did he give you five? Ten? Fifteen bucks for some head?
Please don't lie to me bitch
He didn't have no damn gun otherwise you'd be dead
You call yourself a victim of sexual assault
I call you a liar
Damn straight it was your fault
Lying filthy tramp

Look at how your hair looks
And look at those clothes you wear
No wonder the guy thought you were a speed whore
Don't you start that crying shit
It's all lies anyways
So I don't fuckin' care
Stop that damn crying or you're going to get hit

I hate liars
Especially ones like you
Doing bad stuff then lying about it
Is something you sure know how to do

As a matter of fact you can leave this house if you're going to lie to me
Now you tell me the truth
Did you get money for that trick you turned or did you do some stranger for free?

(Repeat pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

I can't believe what a liar you are
I've never heard of an invisible gun before
Did he threaten to shoot you with bullets made out of air too?
Is that what made you decide to be a cheap whore?

What? You weren't smart enough to jump out of the car?
The thing was parked on a deserted dark street
You could've ran but you needed that five bucks or whatever he paid you
To go that far

(Repeat Pre Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

Did you go out shopping with that filthy money you made?
How nice that you can lie to my face about getting money while being attacked
Oh so that's why you did that guy for ten bucks
Cause you were afraid?

Oh no, that man has a gun made out of air
Do you know how crazy that sounds
Oh you say he grabbed you by the hair?
Well you sure don't look bald to me
You say he used it to whip your head around everywhere
Okay, Your hair looks all there to me
Don't lie and say he used your hair to force your head into his lap
Did you see a gun or not?
If you keep on lying to me you're gonna get slapped

(Repeat Pre Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

I tell ya, I never met anyone who can lie as much as you can
Save those fake ass tears cause I don't give a damn
You lie too much
I can't stand a liar

(Guitar Solo)

(Repeat Chorus)


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