Letter To Self

Dear Monster,

How's your life here? 

We have not spoken in awhile, I wanted to see how you're doing.

How are the creatures I sent you last night? Did you enjoy their company? Did they wake you? How did they get in?  Did they crawl in through the window or just slip into your dreams?

I know they see you. Through the windows. Through the glass. Through the dark and in your shadows. 

Why do you wake up? Why do you ever say hello? No one wants to talk to you, you're a monster, remember? Try not to forget that. You're scaring the children.

Stop leaving the house, okay? It's dangerous for the people out there. They're not ready for you yet. They'll have nightmares. Don't give them nightmares.

Okay, I'll let you go. Talk to you soon. 


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