A Letter In Review

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 00:37 -- hk67

Dear Happiness,

Please don't ever leave me.

I wish to be hand-in-hand with you until the end. 

Continue to spread your wings and soar to unreachable heights.


Dear Anxiety,

S-stop sh-shaking so m-much.

Re-remember...remember to br-breathe.

You'll b-be okay.


Dear Darkness,

You don't scare me anymore like you used to.

We talk and laugh and cry together as if we were old time friends.

You and I are plenty alike.

We compliment each other.


Dear Loneliness,

It may be sad to admit, but

I miss you.


Dear Past,

I know I cant change you.

You engraved the letters for 'pain' onto my skin.

It hurts

and it burns

but I know I'll never forget you.


Dear Present,

You're doing all you can.

Some things are unachievable where you are.

Hold on and don't let go.

You have hope.


Dear Future,

I may not know you

and I have yet to meet you,

but you spread a smile across my face.

I wish to welcome whatever you have to give to me with open arms. 


Dear Life,

Thank you for all you've given me.

I have seen the best and the worst,

lived the best and the worst,

but you can't run away from me yet.

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