let loose your voice

Wed, 10/30/2013 - 11:28 -- xione7


the teachers are bogus

they say the are observent

but they never notice

the kid treated like a servant

they push him to the ground

they kick him around

and the teachers avert their eyes

deaf to the childs cries

the schools are corrupt

they never check their records

they dont care it's messed up

it's time to strike the right cords

it's time to voice our opinions

are we their minions?

i think not

i'm tired of this lot

who's with me?

who wants to join?

who wants to be the best they can be?

it's time to flip the coin!

i do!

how about the rest of you?

enough with the wood nickels i want a dime!

it might be rough but its worth the climb!

now is the time

step up to the rhyme!

you have a choice!

let loose your voice!


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