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The goal is not to live forever, it's to create something that will..

So ima create somethin that makes the time stand still.. 

See ima make that kid on the block turn around

No, ima make that kid with that glock, put it down

Ima take that kid selling drugs off the streets

And ima take that kid from the bayou to the beach, see I got faith

They say thats all I need

And faith must be like hope kuz I got faith in all my dreams

And I hope for better things

Use to hope I wouldn't die

But the goal is not to live its to keep someone alive

I said the goal is not to live forever its to create somethin that will so ima make somethin that will make time stand still

There's a little kid crying

Dying of abuse

By his father he gets hit

By his mother he gets used

But the people couldn't hear the pain tearing thru the walls

He yelled and he screamed but they never heard his calls

And soon, he gave in and submitted to the pain

Like a horse broken by the whip submitting to the reins

Which ever way they pulled he went and never strayed

But today Ima abt to give this kid not a voice but a volume

The fear is in his voice but that pain is not the outcome

The problem

Was that he felt he wasn't loud enough

He did everything he could his parents weren't proud enough

But you know when times get tough

You strive for what feels better

He found that the music was somethin he'd do forever

So never,

Can you say that the pains too much to bear

Take your problems in your hands and just throw them in the air

The goal is NOT to live forever, but to create somethin that will

So ima make somethin that's makes the time stand still

Everything thing is poetry, even the rhythm of your heartbeat

Because poetry is balance and the world desires Harmony

The change starts within on this path to a better me

Forget just memories, Im about to leave a LEGACY.



This poem is awesome!  I'm PP staff -- can we feature it on our social media (giving you credit for your work, of course)?  Thank you!


Of course! And thank you! 

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