They want to know about it

not just a word

not just an achievement 

We wear our legacy beneath our skin

We strive to always to be remembered


We go back in time to the people that made it

To the ones who died by the whip

To the ones who burned and sweat 

Especially to ones who bled for us

We call them

Our sweet black legacy 

Without them there isn’t no us 

They may be dust but we still carry them within our blood

Now tell me

How we still walk as if this legacy is done

Or has died 

It’s a masterpiece that shall forever remain



Oh lord watch over us

As the cops try to pull up on us

Oh How we lost sight of the path

But it’s ours to continue 

So why destroy it

Abandon it like it’s not flowing within every breath we take

Oh Legacy 

They say we the new revolution 

But when I look around me its just empty spaces 

Legacy is ours to rebuild not to refurbish 

So why fall apart 

When we can make something

Why not build a better future

For the generation after 


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Our world
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