THUG (Slam)

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Verse 1: Do you hear me? Is you listenin' Do you care 'bout all the killings, How they targeting our children for the color of our pigment It's a shameful world we live in
I was like a baby chick Only following orders My voice was sick Heavy with the weight of my disorders   I listened with no questions The adults were always right Always following the suggestions
  I wonder what the day will bring Will I fall Will I soar Will I cry Will I laugh I wonder what the night will bring
You scream and cry And shout out, "Why?" And kick and fight and ponder. So you think About how you have become a monster. 
The Fighting NEVER Stops, And In The End The Battle Is Lost. I See Pain In Many Eyes, The Reason Is Simply The LIES. Many Promises Made Token, Are Soon To Be COMPLETELY Broken.
Bear your cross in this lost world Even when it becomes agonizing, Living out a single day without Idolizing worldly principles or compromising your God.
they say abuse is a powerful word filled with meaning no
Legacy They want to know about it not just a word not just an achievement  We wear our legacy beneath our skin We strive to always to be remembered  
  A Poem for the Man on the Platform   “Men love a woman in a dress.”    I recoil as if struck, 
The propaganda they crack but I ain't buying/ Blues beat the blacks, black and blue so red they lie in/ Watch the news it ain't nothing new, my people still suffering/
A/N: Found the scholarship at and decided to submit a poem for the competition
HATE is not LOVE By: Nate' DixonHATE is the bullet that kills young lives.HATE is that thing that steals our successors’ pride.HATE is the demon that tears the world apart.HATE is the realistic deception that no one has a heart.HATE is the evidenc
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