Left Too Soon


I never thought this day would come,

I wasn’t prepared for this to happen,

I cry myself to sleep every night,

I can’t accept the fact that you are gone.

I miss everything you did for me,

You would sing to me every night,

Tell me I’m beautiful every day,

Support me no matter what,

Always found a way to make me laugh or smile,

And so many other things.

You left me way too soon,

Now you will never see me graduate,

Never see me go to college,

Never see me walk down the aisle,

Never see your grandkids,

I wish you were still here.

I keep my pain hidden from dad,

I have to be his strong soldiers,

I forced a smile upon my face,

Since you left I have never been the same.

I really miss you Grandpa,

I believe you’re watching me still,

Smiling at all I do,

I believe you are still here,

And that helps me get through the day.

We all miss you Grandpa,

You made an impact on all of us,

Don’t worry I’ll take care of your son,

Dad’s is in good hands Grandpa,

Now you can finally rest with Grandma,

You will always be in my heart forever!



In Loving Memory,

Grandpa (My Guardian Angel)  

This poem is about: 
My family
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