Left After What?

What is left after we go our separate ways?

Never to see each other again,

When once we saw each other everyday.

after all the words are spoken,

The things that they said that left me broken.

You won't be there,

And the funny thing is that you are not aware

That you have hurt me too.

I do know I have hurt you.


What is left after all the passions die?

The dreams we once had are left behind,

In the abandoned corners of our mind,

To what we once believed in we are blind.

Instead we stay safe by following the rules

Those imposed by empty fools.

They do what they are meant to do,

Destroy the beliefs of me and you.

Destroy our passion and make us submit

To their single minded, and cloning fit.


What is left after people take their lives?

The pain they felt is left behind,

While their tortures laugh at their hideous crime.

The ignorant will laugh,

They will call the deceased weak,

Unaware that they did their best to live.

They took their life cause it was the only way out

Of their pain, their mind, their life of doubt.

They take their lives because they think no one listens,

They feel unloved and no one will miss them.

But there are people who never knew them

They will feel remorse knowing that they could have done something,

Stopped the bullies,

Given them help,

But how could they when they were not around?


What is left after you see the truth?

Will you stand up and try to stop the issue?

Will you be willing to stand up for what is right,

Even if it puts you in the spot light?

Would you stick around and help someone out,

Even if the problem is hidden, and they feel afraid to come out?

What is left after you see the truth?

Will you believe it, or live with the ignorant doubt?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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