Learning to Move Forward


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"She passed away last night in her sleep", "I now control you and you will do as I say", "I'm sorry but I don't love you anymore." How can a person hear all these things and still be so happy? They know they have faith to overcome any obstacle. It might be hard, i'll give you that, but not impossible. Learning how to trust yourself and someone who loves you greater than you can ever imagine will help. Imagine if everyone left you and hurt you but you still had someone who has wept. For you. As long as you have that one person there for you, everything should be alright. So why can't you move forward? Is your pride hurt, your ego damaged, or is it your morals? I have been blessed to experience what I have and still be who I am. There's no shame in my game because no matter what I always made it out of the jam. You can learn from anyone. Hopefully you can learn from me. Just because you have been hurt doesn't mean to change your morals. Do what you think is good for you and learn how to move forward.

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This poem is about all the rough things that have happened in my life and showing how you can move forward.

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