Learning how to pass? Or passing because you've learned?


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3.6 my first year
And college, I'm already tired of it
Not because of the workload
But rather the curriculums bullshit

But Danielle why complain
Your grades seem insane….ly
Please explain the meaning of your words

Well young grasshopper
I contemplated one say as the clock ticker-tockered.

And I asked myself:
What is a poor kid like me doing, paying to receive higher education?
If I really wanted to learn then the resources could easily be in my presence

And then I thought about dropping out
Because all my friends began to doubt,
their true potential
Because society says "get a degree to be successful"

But most degrees are given on a curve.
A doctor who failed chemistry yet passed because a 55 becomes a c
Isn’t the type of doctor I would want to be performing surgery on me.

Finals weighing much of one’s grade
Causing stress on the mind that wants to learn
A degree is a supplement that only certifies what you've learned
But what if what you've learned is nothing at all?

So a degree is nothing unless you have the knowledge to back up your certification?
Then why study only to pass exam?
Why pass exams only to pass a class?
Why pass a class when what you learned becomes forgotten?

Learning shouldn't be given a grade.
In fact it should be free.
It's the only way for info to store correctly
within the memory.
Then maybe a degree
Will be worth more than a plaque hanging on your wall above a tv

But it’ll only happen if people began to think more analytically
About the world they see
And the air that breathe
Because not everything's black and white
and college is only part of my journey that has taken flight.
So parts of college, I hate
But all of learning, I love
And whether I regret staying in it
I'm sure as hell not gonna drop out of it
Because going through life thinking shudda cudda wudda
Isn't on my agenda
Life, I'm not yet ready for the next chapter.


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