Ladies and Gentlemen, The Show Is About to Start


I'm an odd one,
If there's anhng I have leared these past 1 years
It's that.


I realized recently
Something peculiar, if you will

That when it comes to my body
Bruises are hard to come by
Scars, however, are in abundance


And I come by these scars
In the stupidest ways possible


Duck, duck, goose
The dishes
Stepping over a knee high fence
Moving equipment around
Slipping on rocks
Scratches from the dogs


All stories etched into my skin
Different shapes
Different sizes
Different colors


The bruises though
Those settle deep in my bones
And the slightest touches remind me where they are


But they rarely surface


And lately I've been wondering
What that says about me.


I get hurt by the stupidest things,


Small comments made by even smaller boys
Hearing about the things I haven't been invited to
My brother
Sophomore year of high school
Senior year of high school
This summer,


And all I do is
Play it over in my head
Tell myself everything I wish I had the courage to say
Distract myself
Ignore it
Sometimes there are tears


But the smile always falls back onto my face
Distracting everyone from the clutter behind it
Because no one knows what to do when they don't see it


And I'm starting to think
That I'm scared


That I'm scared
That the moment I pull that curtain back
That when the smile doesn't fall back into place


Everyone will see
How over these past 19 years
My skeleton has been painted
Black and blue and purple


Because I've always been hurt by the stupidest things



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