The Labyrinth


Dreams lead us through this maze

Nightmares make us lost

But we tell ourselves that at the end

There will be a reason for all our mistakes

We rationalize and create our shadows


Sorrows and death build the foundation

Drugs and blood construct the path

The walls are built on our fears

And while we know this

We know not how to conquer the pain


We are too terrified of the past

To stop the flow of tears that stains our future

And she knows that we are trapped

But the key is nowhere to be found

We drown in the lake of fire


We never question the circles

But we always know when we are gone

It’s too late to tell them

We lost vitality in the sound

To take a life she says is the only way out


Life is so short

We only take in the surface streets

Some are lucky and find the highways

But as far as we know

We are all on the same path


One day the Minotaur will find us

Even she believes that

 He will feast on our flesh

And tear apart our souls

Happiness can only ever be a memory here


What I’m seeing isn’t worth believing

We all scream at our self-inflictions

She makes me want to save that memory

And if I found the genie’s lamp

You could never make me sell a wish


But I want a way out of here

And she needs us to save her breath

We all dance in our pitiful lines

When they overlap we laugh

Because sadness will never change this


Because we all live in this sea

The land keeps us breathing

But we’re scared of our own shadows

It’s all lost to her now

She has reached the bottom of the chasm


My friends isn’t it wonderful

That when we reach the end we always think we knew

I never ever thought that death could bring life

I never would’ve thought that she would take her own

Please tell me how to find my reflection


The labyrinth is closing in

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