Labels only stick if you let them

Sun, 01/29/2017 - 15:16 -- EvoL

I'm the girl you won't date because of what you heard 

I'm the girl with the name that is all in your mouth and in someone elses ear

I'm the girl whose business you rely on so no one focuses on yours 

I'm also the girl whose business your always in considering you can't find nor address your own

I'm that girl you say has no morals no self worth

but who are you to say if I'm worthy of myself ?

I wish you'd grow up.

But I obviously can't blame you for lack of immaturity 

I grew up at a early age 

However, That never gave you the right to engage in belittling me.

Does it make you feel powerful ?

What a whore. Man she's easy. Easy. Fast. Loose. Slut. Hussy. Skank. 

You stamp tramp on me because of words you hear 

You call me hoe but how much do you really know about me.

Words kill. Tears shed. Blood spills.

But what's the deal?

You put me down for you own appeal

You lick labels and slap them on people with a seal.

Making them want to conceal 

but lets be real...

What makes you better than me ?

I mean aren't we both people ?

In God's eyes we all are equal.

So let's make a sequel. 

How bout you stick your hand out and tell me your name 

I'll ask how your day was & I'll reply the same.

Now don't things seem better when you don't put someone to shame.

Look at what we just overcame


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