Kylie, this is a poem all for you,

you're the only one I want,

I hope you feel that way too,

want us to just count the months,

today's your birthday,

a day all for you,

now I have something that I need to say,

from the first time I saw you in my view,

I knew that I wanted you to be mine one day,

now that we've talked and talked,

I've come to realize you're the one for me,

every other girl in my eyes got chalked,

so my girlfriend is what I want you to be.

I know you may say that this is fast,

I'll admit it is but I don't want to lose you,

I want this to be a relationship that can last,

want us to do whatever we want to.

So now that it's your special day I'm gonna say,


You have my heart, will you be my girl?


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