Knives and Pens

Author's Note: This was inspired by the song "Knives and Pens" by Black Veil Brides.


Hello loneliness,

My old friend.

It seems that my plight doesn't end,

For here we meet, yet again.

In the dimly lit room,

That moonlight floods.

Before two decisions,

One that ends in blood.


Alone in this room,

Alone in this dark,

I release the scream,

A fire in my lungs.

The familiar song that fills the air,

I sing along.

Staring at the choices,

Through my broken thoughts.


A knife, a pen, a blank sheet,

All lie before me, waiting to see...

If I shall take a sharp edge,

In an attempt to fix the pain,

Or use words to wipe away the rage.

Shall I spill blood over words said,

Let HATE win, and beat me dead?

Or shall I forgive and forget,

Learning to tell of my pain,

And live on to see another day?


I reach out to the blade,

Cold, and smooth, 

Taking it to the bin at the end of the room.

I don't need it, it's not for me,

I'll let words set me free.


So if you face the decision,

When the time come,

Don't pick the knife, the blade, 

The pain and the blood.

It won't fix it, the problem is still there,

Don't punish yourself for what's not there.

Its not your problem if someone dislikes you,

It's their loss not yours.

Don't live to regret, and forget what is yours.


I know it's hard to love yourself,

When nobody else seems to.

I know it's hard to deal with the pain.

I get that you don't see any options,

But there must be another way.

If you don't believe in yourself,

Know that I do.

I might not know you,

But I believe

You can do something great.

That you can be beautiful inside and out.

That you can be strong.

I believe you don't have to do it alone.


I believe in you,

I ask that you believe in me,

When I say,

"You'll be okay.

Tomorrow is another day,

Where you can show the world 

That you are strong.

They have it wrong.

You are smart, and beautiful.

You will succeed.

You're not alone out there,

I pray that you trust me."



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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