Twenty Two years on 

and the child

has flown the nest

The 2nd heads off soon

and the rest 

they say is history,

but history has a knack you see

Of bringing you back to reality 

It’s hard to view so far ahead

Let’s have some kids we both had said 

And then you see that crowning head 

And life just stops you dead 

in your tracks and nothing else matters

All else lacks and love just 

smacks you in the face

They’re yours,

you made them, 

that’s ace

But more than that you feel the grace 

That offers you this gift of life

That’s not bean earned

 or bought or strived 

Just lying there helpless,

ready to be taught

To share with,

be with,

from naught

This being that we’ve brought 

into the world

Is ours to nurture, 

love and care for.


Who I am that I should dare to think

That I have anything to offer these kids

Yet, now I must step up and 

be the dad, the man, the one,

who can provide

Abide, confide

Reside with them

through thick and thin

And never leave, give in

Or be anything but loving and kind 

Cause that’s the gift that I’ve been given 

so time to man up,

step up

Look up and start living.


And here we are, those years have gone

The fears, the cheers, the tears are none but 

A fleeting memory and here we have

Two adults standing there,

who soon will care 

For us when we are old

and need the help

Yet genes and DNA and all

that tells us they are ours 

will never be enough to 

express and tell the Love 

that parenthood can give


And so it’s time for them

To go,

to leave,

To grow,

to be 

The people who

they’re meant to be

This poem is about: 
My family


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