Keep the Lights Off

I can't see you, but I hear you. I don't know who you are. I can't determine if you are one or many, but I know you're here. Are you an angel? Are you a demon? I'll never be sure. It's too dark to see my tears. So keep the lights off, dear, and I'll swallow the agony. This place is consumed by a rain cloud. Until I can coax the sun out, I am the rain cloud. I advise you to leave if you are too weak for the common cold, but if you choose to bear the turbulent climate, allow the lightning to welcome you. Would you reach out to me? Would you be my salvation in this apathetic dystopia? Or am I too busy dreaming up paradoxes to face a harrowing truth? I am all I can be, but sometimes that just isn't enough for the brutal world. Whatever happens, keep the lights off, for now, because pride is no match for these drowning eyes.


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