First time, lets try to rhyme.

So i might not be good at this,

but hear me out, are you still reading?

I have a lot of doubt. K2 is a drug, that makes you bug out. Let me go ahead and tell you what its all about.

First you roll it, just like weed, then inhale and pray you still see.

Im not being dramatic, some call it the new crack, you gotta be careful this stuff will have you watching your back.

My boyfriend smokes a pack a day, i always try to get away. The moement i smell it i start to get weak, my eyes close slightly, my body feels numb. Sometimes it feels like when he smokes it, its like holding a gun to your head. He cant kick the habit & all he wants to be is free..

He thinks all the time how did this sh** happen to me? I tell him all the time he can quit but he just looks at me like its impossible. He caught a bad habit, one that he cant escape from.

He tells me babe i wanna escape reality, this life is sad and i dont like it. I can see in his eyes that he means it and thats what scares me even more.. I know i can help somehow but im scared to throw it out cause when he doesnt smoke it he gets the sweats. I dont want him to be sick but i know with or without it, he'll just get worse.. Im only 20 how do i figure shit out?

The first time i smoked it, i didnt even know you where i tell him.. I remember lookin at you and seeing somebody else, somebody i didnt know and i was scared. As i go to walk down the train stairs i see the train coming and all i had were suicidle thoughts. Never in my life would i give or take my own life its more precious then any item i own but that stuff made me bug out. I walk down the steps as he'a tryimg to touch me, the man that loves me. I said get away, im okay! Cause i didnt know him & i remember praying to god that i was sorry but i didn't wanna be here on this earth anymore.. I get down to the first flight of steps and look down and see the ground about 30 feet away from me, if i jump here id get hit by a car, cause this cant be life i thought. Then all i feel are my insides coming out.. My body rejected all the drugs and i was free.

This drug is no joke.

Dont make a perminate decision on a temporary feeling. 

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