State of Mind

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Anything that angers or disappoints you is for teaching you forgiveness of self and compassion for self Anything that has power over you is for teaching you how to take your power back.
be someone extra special rise me rise my energy make me high   it might be wild desire my body on fire just a dream   maybe I need new ideas
    Deep,       Deep,       Blue.    Blue hands.    Blue lips.     Blue lungs.   Blue hearts. Sinking down. To the vast blue ocean Of my stomach. Strangled.
First time, lets try to rhyme. So i might not be good at this, but hear me out, are you still reading? I have a lot of doubt. K2 is a drug, that makes you bug out. Let me go ahead and tell you what its all about.
If I told you I could see spirits would you b
Here i am again this day, living in this specific way. whatching, seeing, spectating,  Oh what a feeling! Like a moth to flame, to this world i came. Born with tears of joy
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