Just One More

Crimson substance fills the cup

One is one and never enough

With every wound

A new opening

I feel the urge to not breathe

For I am the only one

Who knows what goes on inside of me


I am going to be sick

I move so quick

Just another

Will not bother

Until I get asked at the jail

And it is then I cry

And wish to die

And sob and weep and wail


Blades of light

I see at night

A sign that I am breaking

Nothing more

Than a broken door

A room with broken chain links


The feeling is almost gone

People say that this is wrong

But it is doing something to me

All of all I feel the fall
Of something red and dead beat


Something so frightening

Some so alarmed

Releasing the pains out of my arm

And nothing is more thrilling

Than opening up

What is not enough

New designs



People rushing

Slurred words
I can no longer see light anymore

I can be saved from my past

As long as my arms will always last


-Chloe Aldecoa


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