Just Mykael


I am me

Plain and simple

Born October 1996, 2 weeks early

Into an environment nobody wants to talk about

My name?

It means warrior

And my mom swears I'm am strong like one

"You kicked like a bama bull" she says

Whatever that means

But really I'm broken

Born into this world

A dark world

Void of imaginations

Empty of hopes and dreams

I could never fill it by myself

So in the process of being me

I've been battered

And shattered

Heartbroken and hurt

And now

I'm closed off to the outside world

Untrusting of all

Skeptical of compliments

Lulled to sleep by lies

Intricately woven by me, myself, and I

Woken by the music called my life

Hidden behind mountains of books I lose myself in

Wrapped in the universes I can create

Where no one can hurt me

I am me

And that will always be


Plain and simple

Unchangeable as my dimple


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