Just a Little, So I Can Help

My pen on paper, my mind running about

it’t to hard to keep trying,

“Get an education, go to school!” all this they shout.

but my dream are growing further, and my goals are dying.



It’s all about business, all about money,

the world seems to spin to that beat.

“Get your parents help with tuition”, ha, that’s funny!

They barely have enough to stay in their owns seats.



My mind is spinning, I’m losing my drive,

Seems to be everyones' problem anymore.

I’m worried about tuition and they’re just trying to survive,

My heart’s growing weaker and my eyes are now sore.



I want to help them, money and all,

They have done so much for me.

But how can I, my college dreams seem to fall,

I can’t afford it, can’t do it all on my own. I just wish someone could see.


My family is too great

their income outweighed by bills

but only their income, for aid, can determine my financial fate.

“Go to your parents for tuition help”, all the repetition, I feel ill.



I want to help them, it only seems right

they have raised me to be who I am now.

Just if only my wallet could see a little light,

it would be to my education I would greatly bow.


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