Just happened

Mon, 08/24/2015 - 22:47 -- nesje11
My 4ft Bestfriend,
Didn't know she introduced me to my next boyfriend. 
I had a feeling that you'd be in my future,
Even if you were a strange creature. 
Fourth of July came around,
& we were the talk of the town. 
We rode in your truck for hours,
& we made the road ours. 
I knew I found the perfect guy, 
cause he made me feel like I could fly. 
There is Never a dull moment,
Just  always amusement. 
You made a smooth move, 
That I didn't disapprove. 
We started dating,
& it's a story we are creating. 
Your loving eyes,
Get me every time. 
I look at you,
& I see us two. 
It took me a minute to understand,
That all of this just happened. 
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