Just Emily

Must I be alone forever?

I've struggled for so long.

I'm sure this is the worst pain ever,

And it was my fault all along.


You know, I loved you- I truly did.

You say I didn't but I can promise you.

I would've done anything for you- even though I'm just a kid,

I swear I can be loyal and I can be true-

Just freaking trust me.

I beg of you.

Give me a chance.

I'll prove myself to you.


Your hate is so strong and it breaks me,

  It shakes me,

    It destroys me,

      It kills me,

        It always berates me.


Just kill me now- give me that peace,

I'm tired of living- pronounce me deceased.

You wouldn't care, this I know for sure,

Just leave me alone, there is no cure.

I'm sorry you ever had to waste time on me,

     I'm worthless...

          I'm nothing...


I'm just Emily.


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