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Light outside snapped and dipped around the old stone  and the clipped clean manicured lawn. i had to look up to meet your wild hurt gaze your fury at the top of the staircase above me 
There once was a blonde girl whose color came from a bottle, She was quite scrawny like the body of a model, She'd never say that or admit to it all, But it was true- her size was not fair at all.  
Must I be alone forever? I've struggled for so long. I'm sure this is the worst pain ever, And it was my fault all along.   You know, I loved you- I truly did. You say I didn't but I can promise you.
Daylight stands apart from cold midnight. His warm smile—kind eyes—brilliance. The touch of his hand warms our insides— Keeps us safe—and– living right.   Midnight shakes the bones of Children.
  Could I but soar unbounded  As does the great Eagle Bald And reach immeasurable heights And No one has called    And tease all Day with my offspring And feast as I may
The "Once Upon a Time"s and "the Last Week I"s never really seemed like much When such a better way existed To tell a story.   And when I took into account all that I knew about 
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