Just Continue To Show Her Love

Just continue to show her love
Shower her with your charms
Build your world with her together
Hold her gently in your arms
Be the one to comfort your lady
Always show her that you care
Never take her for granted
Just always be there

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



it has to be said that you are an incredible poet author. these days, though, my poems are void of appreciation points. may it now be anointed with the truth that, as I hold my head in both of my hands, I hear my verses crying oh well bye
Poetry can have a tendency to be abstract by intention especially considering it is written as an expression of self so naturally only the author will have a full understanding
your poems are fuelled with a profound knowledge of everything, both human and surreal. keep up with your fine words because they sing for love, god and the other side.


Much appreciated hitalot879!

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