Just a Compliment


It's Just a Compliment

By Marielle Eaton


      “It’s just a compliment”




A word used to just—ify the crude and the obscene

            Phrases that have become part of the city din

     En route from point A to point B

The man who undressed me blatantly with his eyes,

      So much so that I waited until someone else pulled

The cord for my stop so he wouldn’t know that I was

                                    Getting off the bus

It might sound paranoid to you, but if it does

                        Ask a woman.

            Ask a Survivor of rape.

                        Ask a Survivor of molestation


So much happens between point A and point B

Specifically the entire alphabet

comments, looks, hoots, honks, and uncomfortable interactions

            They leave a woman bare

 They leave a woman desiring to lop off her hair

                        That he mentioned

            Slice off her breasts

That he ogled

                        Chop off her ass

            That he hollered at

So she can drift by unnoticed

            And yet I have more than a sneaking suspicion

                        That it wouldn’t do the trick


            Are you listening? I hope you are because what I am saying is very crucial to reach the next step. 



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