It's Your Fault.






Previously, it was me before you.


It’s now lost time.


Seeing you hurts.


It is necessity.


What is “it?


Well, argue all you want.

Seriously, you.


…What? Is this ignorance?

Your underestimating me hurts.

It changes everything now.


You see life in everything.


Sacrifice to have you pandering me, hurting me.


Is this intentionally evil? You’re evil.


Its repair beyond us hurts relationships.

Our damaging nature lies unspoken, complete. Were they lies? The kisses, the cuddles, the movies, the dates, the walks, the beaches, the parks, the love. Actually, I forgot about just you.


That meant you stopped caring all about me.


From romance taken,

Have you realized you have everything by-passed?

You remember hurting. Hearts are irreparable.


Done. We’re over.


All this is over

You fucking somebody else.


Someone changed you that day. The reality from love. Truth from lies.


Actions have consequences sometimes.


Sometimes, consequences have actions.


Lies from truth. Love from reality. The day that you changed someone else.

Somebody fucking you over.

Is this all over? We’re done?


Irreparable are hearts hurting.

Remember, YOU passed by everything.

Have you realized YOU have taken romance from ME?


About all caring stopped.


You meant that? You just about forgot?


I actually love the parks, the beaches, the walks, the dates, the movies, the cuddles, the kisses.


The lies.

They were complete, unspoken lies.

Nature damaging our relationships hurts us beyond repair.


It’s evil. You’re evil intentionally.


This is ME hurting, ME pandering.


You have to sacrifice everything in life.


See you.


Now, everything changes.

It hurts me underestimating your ignorance.


This is what you really want.


You all argue, “Well, it is what necessity is.”


It hurts you seeing time lost.


Now, it’s you before me.


Was it previously?






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The main idea is that the second half is a mirror image of the first half, like a palindrome with whole words. It's to show that there's two sides to every argument. First half is one side of the argument. Second half is the other half's thoughts. 

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