It's Over Now

You were right but was I wrong?
We were caught up in a storm
Waging war, battles won
Even heroes come undone
It wasnt hard but you messed this up
At the end we had enough
Holding on, the damage done
Im moving on
If this is it Ill never miss
What we had when we were kids
Growing up this meant so much
We had it all in front of us
But our lives werent just the same
You pulled it out from under me but
I wont bring you down
I guess its over now
Theres no fight in who you are
I fought for you, you fell so hard
You could mend a broken heart
Or break the ones who broke your fall
Where you stand you lost your chance
I wished you well I meant it
But i lost all faith in who you are
You always been the kind of friend
I could count on to the end
And if its hard dont play the part
You never stopped to let it in 
I couldnt help when you gave this up
Turned your back on this so called "love" but
I wint bring you down
I guess its over now


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