It's ok not to be ok

Did you tell them you were ok

Did you laugh it off and shake your head because 

nobody wants to look weak.

Did you walk calmly out the door but run

full speed to the nearest spot of isolation when you hit the other side because

they can'tsee your hurt now.

Did you listen to yourself cry

I mean did you really listen

What did it sound like

Could it pass for a case of the sniffles or did it sound like

your world come tumbling down.

Was it the type of cry that shook your soul and left you breathless 

Or even worse, was it silent...

Did you try screaming for help but

couldn't seem to find your voice anymore

Did you stare stare into a mirror and watch your tears fall

covering your mouth willing yourself not to make a sound

Did your chest burn like the liquor that you

thought was putting out emotional fires building

but was always stoking 

So why did you look into their eyes

and with every ounce of fight you had left in you 

tell them you were ok


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