Its not a choice

Do you think I chose this?

Why would this be a choice?

Who chooses to pay thousands of dollars in medical debt?

Who chooses to constantly be in and out of surgeries that won’t even get covered by insurance because they’re “cosmetic”?

It's not for me to look hot, it's to save my life!

The mental toll being trans has on me is insane.

I might as well start building my coffin now. 

Who chooses to have their life dictated by random people who have never felt what you have,

“Come out now!”

“Never come out!”

“You HAVE to tell them!!”

No, I don’t! I will come out on my own terms.

The only thing I have to do is focus on staying alive!
It's a dog eat dog world, except for they're all predator dogs and I’m just a sad lonely prey. 

I’m just a piece of meat for them to bite into and tear apart until there's nothing left.

Who chooses to sacrifice their family, friends, partners, all of their relationships just because of a name?

Something you get at birth.

Who chooses to constantly be judged by people who never got to know who you really were?

They hear, “My pronouns are ___” And treat you like an illiterate child! 

Someone whos too stupid to do anything!

They talk to you like you’re a baby!

I'm tired of being infantilized!

Who chooses to cut their hair or bind their chest, or dress “like a man”, “like a woman” all for a trend?

My life is not a trend!

My identity isn’t just something you can turn into a terrible song sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

We identify, you just are.

You can just “have a crush”, I have to go on a whole tangent whenever they say “So who’s the boy?”

You get a name, a life. I have my “preferred name”.

No one would choose this, it just happens.


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Moe, you are so awesome, and so are your monolouges :)

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