It's a Mess

Society is a mess

We have boys turning into men

In a society that says

It's alright to be disrespectful

It's alright to be sexist

It's alright to be rude to women

They're told we don't deserve respect

That we're needed for two things


and Food.


Society is a mess

We have young girls

Believing their bodies are dirty

Meant to be covered up

That even their legs are sexual

They're told we need to expect 

The stares

The catcalls

The oggling

The slaps and taps and touches.


Society needs help

It begins with you

It begins with me

We have a responsibility

To us 

and our future generations

We need to change the thoughts

The beliefs

The actions

Older generations want to instill

In our minds.


Society needs you

Society needs your ideas

Your Independence

Your creativity

Society needs the openness

The lack of judgement

Only you can provide.


So speak up

Stand out

and let your voice

Be heard.


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