It's just not meant to be

Masks are a tricky task. Something we can only percieve. They lead to schemes,screams and being mean. 


I never thought I would have a mask but its been foretold that I have one quite bold. I couldn't see it coming but then who could foresee the creation of someone I used to be. 


A lot has been given to me, so much received and it has created someone I used to be. I'm sweet and innocent,so its been told but there so much more than meets the eye like a bird I long to fly.


I've been given a lot and much more is expected its the role I've accepted. So I live a life so minute because there's simply entirely too much to lose. I can not trip, I can not fall or else I could lose it all. 


So I live my life safely and without risks because to whom much is given much is refused. 


I live my life behind my mask filling my life with academic tasks when the only place I rather be is with my fellow teenagers running free. But what can I say.. 


It's just not meant to be. I'm not meant to run free. 

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