It's The End


Tonight I'm dreaming of your face
laying here alone, still wanting your embrace

If you asked me what I miss about you, I'd say everything
But you left me all alone with absolutely nothing

My friends tell me that I'm better off without you
I don't want to believe that but I know that it is true

At least now I won't have to put up with all your shit
You always were a jerk so now i won't have to deal with it

If you want you can stand up and take a bow
Because i fucking hate you now

I don't care if you leave
You broke every promise that you wanted me to believe

You even said that you loved me, but I know that's a lie
All I have left to say to you is goodbye

As I'm walking out onto my yard, I'm taking my shovel
To bury all our memories in the gravel

No longer faking my smile
Because I don't have anything to pretend,
I'm not going to be seeing you for a while
Because for us its truly and finally the end


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