It's Almost Funny

Fri, 01/03/2020 - 15:12 -- Kitana

How when your life starts to spin out of control

You barely notice         

How you can never really pin point the moment

When things got out of hand

Or you choose not to

But whether you’re ready for it or not

Life the way you always knew it ends


The one you love                                                 

The one who claims to love you

Is gone in a flash                                                   

Is still standing in your door way

Leaving a monster in a mothers' clothing            

A liar with a hypnotic smile


Then suddenly you’re on your own

And you can’t figure out what to do

While your life crumbles down


Comfort taken by a masked bandit

Who got away with your mother and life as you knew it


It’s almost funny

How you don’t notice

What is happening right before your eyes

Or you choose not to


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