It's About Time

Sun, 10/14/2012 - 15:05 -- kmfran


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It’s about time us who have yearn will be
honor in our means.

It’s about time, the celebration will meet
the accomplishments which come to
light in making history.

It’s about time our ancestors who were
brought here from chains and traveled
from the old countries are honored the
meaning of independence will past
down generations to generations.

It’s about time, we should be recognized
by expressing our talents.

It’s about time, we should recognized
not choosing limitation in becoming a
product for power of control.

It’s about time, we should recognized in
compromising with our minds, we aren’t
a chain to a value.

It’s about time, we should, no matter,
recognized us as kin.

It’s about time, we should stop and think
instead of ignoring one another.

It’s about time, we shouldn’t be taken
seriously and for granted.

It’s about time, we should listened about
the truth in who and what we are?

It’s about time, we should understand in
originated from one blood.

It’s about time, we should known called



You've used repetition really well here, especially as it hammers home the idea of history and making progress (which has yet to be made). Your poem is really effective in this way, and it would be great to see more of your poems that are also impactful and to the point like this one.

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