Is it safe to Fall...yet

The scarce embrace of 

someone so distant,


Yet so warm you feel, just by 

hearing their voice


And the dark cloud hangs over you,

only because you want them there,


But yet a simple text makes it

feel like they've been beside 

you all along


That mirror that you are so 

afraid of peering into, fearing

Your flaws: its been replaced 

by someone who has made

Your blemishes into a 



...careful! You know if you wade 

in the water too deep

Then he may begin to unfold 

you like the fragile flower you



...and pick off your petals , He 

picks off your hope


...but take that chance, cause 

you've never felt so wrapped up 

in  a blanket of fantasies before:

even if it doesn't happen, at least my heart

was torn by imagination


I'm going too far, scared to dive in, 

to undress my mind 


Is this even what I think it is?


Cause if it is, then my past won't be a problem ...


I'm bruised and battered... I need medicine, something

to keep me 


From fading away...throwing

my faith in love away


               But I want it, but i want it

                       but I want it

                BUT I NEED IT


  Is sit safe to fall...yet

               ...tell me before I fall anyhow 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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