It happened to me.


United States
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It won't happen to me, I said. That's a sad story, but it won't happen to me. I'm invincible. A teenager. My "whole life ahead of me". It won't happen to me. I'll do everything right. I promised. I won't drink and drive. I agreed. I said, I'll make complete stops, and drive the speed limit. I'll be safe I said. I lied. One text, one word. "yes". The questions was "are you on your way?" I was 2 minutes away. "yes" I said. Send. Stop. Crash. Burn. Death. No, not me. I'm alive. It was him, his name was Johnny you know? He was just 3 years old. Saw his ball roll across the street. I was going the speed limit, I promise. 25 miles per hour in a residential area. I didn't stop. I didn't see. One little text, and now Johnny's dead. Vehicular Manslaughter. That's my charge. Was it worth it? Take my one word text and reverse it. It did happen to me.


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