This isn't right.


Life, it isn't right. 

It's difficult and messy, 

Don't want to count my blessings, 

but I know that I have them. 

Sometimes though, 

I feel alone. 

Slowy swirling around on my own. 

But that's okay. 

I'll take it I guess. 

Especially when I know my life is a mess. 

Messy and nasty and gross, 

because we are all humans and all have flaws. 

Making it hard to stop and pause 

And wait for our moment, 

Wait for our day 

Wait for our very chance to say 

How much we want out

Even if we can't comprehend how much ourselves

It isn't fair

It isn't right

But that doesn't mean I'll give up the fight of my life 

Making it right. 

It isn't right, 

But I'm gonna change that. 


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