This Is an Invisible Poem

I am wispy mist that is quickly blown away by strong wind.

I am the dust bunnies under the couch-- hiding so I’m not swiftly swept away.

I am a blanket of snow that melts away when the scorching sun arrives.

I am the meek eyes that are covered by popular contacts.

I am the dull wall being painted with a more contrasted paint colour.

I am the voice that is unheard due to the loud thunder.                      

I am the baby bird that hasn’t learned how to fly like its siblings.

I am the words that were swallowed from being caught in your throat.

I am the flower that has withered from being pulled from its roots.        

I am the tears that are roughly wiped off your cheek.


I am invisible-- just like this poem.



beautifully writen :)

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