Introversion and Anxiety



Interaction with others isn’t something I want too much of,

But that doesn’t mean I wish it gone completely,

This introversion sits with me - fits like a glove,

However, anxiety besieges me! Fiery, like the sun!


Please, do not come and talk to me,

Do not ask me about my day,

I would like it very much right now,

To have it my way,

To sit beside myself,

And have a conversation, okay?


Alas, it’s the time for my required socializing quota to be filled!

Let people see who you are, let them know what you can do,

If I could just start functioning correctly, I would be thrilled!

However, anxiety besieges me! Fiery, like the sun!


Oh, how I wish when I want to show myself to people, it can be done!

I have potential, I am animated, I love to tell jokes!

I don’t hate people, I swear, what I’m saying isn’t a hoax!

You see, I’m just trapped, with nowhere to run!


Introversion lives in my mind,

And Anxiety plagues my heart – Fiery, like the sun.

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