An Introduction to My Latest Invention

Ladies and gentlemen gather round to see my glorious new invention!

Look at her isn't she wonderful?

See how she smiles and laughs. She seems so happy and no one could ever tell what she's really feeling.

Words can hardly express it. The pressure- the pain. No one knows about the tears she'll never cry, or the things she really feels. The loneliness - the sadness.

Actually they all want to be just like her, because all they see it the beautiful young face, the sweet smile, the friends that surround her. They don't know that the beauty will fade soon or that the smile is plastered on or that the friends don't really even know her. Can't you see how happy she looks?

You would never guess that it's just a facade! How much, you ask? What is the cost of this magnificent creation? Not much really. Can you put a price on life? Simply the heart- the very soul the essence of the being. The fee seems steep, yes, but you will never appear unhappy again!

People will flock to you they will want to be just like you! Think about it- no one will ever. Be unconvinced by your emotions ever again! In return for all this, your own paltry soul seems nearly worthless- after all it is the root of all your unpleasant experiences anyways.

Wouldn't it be better to be rid of it in return for eternal happiness?- at least on the outside for what's on the outside is all that really matters isn't it?

Come one, come all to see my glorious new creation!


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