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Poorest neighborhoods & liquor is at its finest...

Drunkards intoxicated in the streets looking for love, but the brown paper bag is covering the bottle. Tell me. How is a drunk suppose to find love if he’s hiding his life? One would drink and drink and drink their life away just to feel something. I’ve seen my brothers, alcoholed out & wasted on trains trying to go somewhere when it looks like they’re stuck on the seats and the bottle in the brown bag is a foot away from him. Inside that bottle was his life. Tell me. Why would one drink his life away just to find a purpose? I’ve seen my brothers being at the wrong place at the wrong time, drunk in his world, but in reality, he’s disrespecting the hood. And the thugs would come and check him out. And the thugs would come and test him out. And the thugs would come and here lies the drunk, knocked out on the streets and the birds flying around his head would not leave. And the thugs would return to their throne, watching their block as carefully as a hawk. I’ve seen my brothers coming home from work and they’d reward themselves a bottle of poison. “Tell me all your popular liquor” “well sir, we have a bottle of Kill me Now, Turn up, Sleep like a baby, and Leave Me Alone” I’ve seen my brothers pick their poison and they’d drink and drink and drink right out of the bottle going home to their committed wives and kids. I’ve seen my sisters going out for a errand with a new bruise and a different walk and how they’d become quiet and quiet. Tell me. Why are my sisters weak to defend themselves? Their voices are mute and they look like zombies. My sisters, we are stronger than this.




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful poem

i can relate

i grw up in similar neighborhood as you descrive vividly

there needs to be change to improve way of life

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