Interpretation of Hope

hope n. - grounds for believing that something good may happen

The definition of hope is open to interpretation.


Hoping that mothers will leave abusive husbands,

Hoping that you can find happiness in hers;

My interpretation.


Hoping that your husband will stay faithful,

Hoping that he’ll stop talking to her.

Mother’s interpretation.


Hoping you won’t get screamed at while walking through the door,

Hoping you’ll still smile even though you’re in pain;

Brother’s interpretation.


Hoping that your brother will get better,

Hoping that your dad will stop the hurt;

Sister’s interpretation.


Hoping that the kids won’t notice the fights,

Hoping your oldest daughter won’t hate because the things you’ve done to her mother.

Father’s interpretation.


Hoping that you’re still worthy of his love,

Hoping that he’ll help take the pain away;

Love’s interpretation.

This poem is about: 
My family


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