Internal Pain

Brain crackling like electricity touched it.

Sharp taps at the back of the skull as if it hit cement.

Chest tightening, heart missing, one large gaping hole, no lungs for a single breath.

Bloody fingers.

Empty chest.




Each person coming into contact tearing at the flesh.

Words like arrows, stones, staples, tacks, knives, nail files, forks.

Countless endless tears.

Bloody fingers.

Empty chest.

Everything hurts.

E v e r y t h i n g.

Shuddering. Rib-racking. Silent sobs.

Lying in bed doing nothing to stop the wet stain from growing on the pillowcase.

Bloody fingers.

Empty chest.

The only thing I know so well.

Fetal position.

Hidden under the covers.


Needing comfort and only getting silent screams.

Wanting to screech, yell. Boodcurdling. Deafening cries.

Bloody fingers.

Empty chest.

Salty, dead, dry, cracked skin.

Swollen pink lids.

Bitten, worried lips.

One more bite making it bleed.

Taste of metal, copper.

Can do nothing but rub, blot, push down the feelings.

Push down the agony.

No one to help.


Dead silence.

Nothing, but....

Bloody fingers.

Empty chest.


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