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When trials come like furious wind to blow you down, To tear your tender heart and have your tongue -- a pawn. Be strong and fight for liberty and equity; Not by your arms or guns but by your ink and words.
In cold and ignorance. I wept for its depart. How cold! How cold! It did intend to break my heart. And standing still, and seeing all last rays be gone; That made all clouds to paint a crimson sketch aloft.
A clean and clear, white sheet of paper; messed by ink. The world and me, the people here; we live that brink. Just like this night -- a villain veiled -- and then I sigh. This tyrant darkness shakes my shoulders. Solitude!
I gazed upon the darkest sky and then I saw -- The stars. They flash like fiery embers through and through -- To east, to west. They're everywhere. To north to south Like precious jewel there, so distinct and rare.
I sighted golds within the sun's coruscate beam, And tiny drizzles are blessings that falls downstream. The trees now rested in an open peacefulness. The birds performs aloft, and in bliss with the wind.
    Dear God,  I need a word, can you hear me?If I write these words do you think        they will ever feel me?I can't relate to love, I think it fears me.
A bunch of people poppin off their hinges   They line up to be called snitches My computer screen went black from all the game glitches  I might have fell and the hospital gave me 15 stitches 
Waking up everyday seems just so hard I am tired of this routine that got me off-guard I have no social life, I am like broken glass shards I been talking to myself, my only insanity ward
Many can say that Poetry is a simple concept However, they probably don’t understand that it’s difficult  to create a piece of literature with technique, symbolism, and depth
  A warm running Fireplace had to stay Love was needed and some hugs right away It was fifty shades of grey just without the grey Flames flickering tonight but not today
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