My skin is my brand

 My heart is my soul

My language is my limitation

 My brain is my gift.

Don’t put barriers on me, I will escape

 Don’t tell me what and who I should be

Never cage me in for a shall break free

Don’t limit me for I am forever changing

Don’t judge from what you see, it’s just the cover that you see

If you knew me, would you judge me?

If you knew what I know would you love me?

Can I break down the barriers that are in your soul?

So what?

So what if I am born in another place, so what if my skin is different so what if I speak another language, so what if I have a different culture?
 In the end aren't we the same?

Aren’t we all fighting for the same goal? 

 I am not alone

Everyone is trying to break free, 

Because in the end no matter the race, the color, the language, the culture, none of it matters, in the end we are the same.

 So don’t put barriers on us, we will escape

Don’t tell us what and who we should be

never cage us in for we shall break free

 Don’t limit us for we won’t limit you

 In the end we are infinite.


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