Happy Birthday America. 

That's what today is about

Everyone clapping; everyone cheering

Some will even shout


I can't say I share the same emotion

Things happened long ago

and only God knew if things would glow


So, why exactly feel happy for it?

At the end, things would always end up well

All the different paths would lead the same way 

It'd be hard for things to always fail


Like a child, you wanted to break away from mom, 

and it happened for you

and congratulaations you didn't turn into a bum. 


Independence hasn't happened yet for me

Life is hard as it is 

Breaking away now would just be dumb

and all the comfort I would miss. 


Some day, though, I'll reach independence.

I'll have my career, my other half, my house

All surrounded by a fence. 


When that day happens, America, 

You'll be like me, too careless to celebrate

Not really caring for my date. 

This poem is about: 
My country



Good point made! Keep writing!

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